About us

PlastiDrill is a Polish, private manufacturing company, established in 2016.
Our company is located in the Silesian province in Bielsko-Biała.

PlastiDrill specialises in the production of wel caps that are used in various types of wells.

We offer our customers a wide range of well caps:

  • various sizes tailored to the customer’s needs,
  • well caps for two pumps,
  • well caps with air vents,
  • non-standard sizes, well caps, e.g. for agricultural wells.

To ensure high quality and durability of our products, we use modern materials.
Among our customers are hydraulic wholesalers, pump manufacturers, end users and drilling companies from many industries: energy, water and sewage and many others.

Year by year export is becoming more and more important in our sales. Currently, about 40% of our sales reach foreign markets, including Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Due to the dynamically developing machine park, we provide plastic processing services and CAD design.